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What conditions can be treated by a Physio?
All neurological conditions are assessed and treated as appropriate, including Stroke (CVA), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's Disease, Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Acquired  Brain Injury (Head Injury), Spinal Cord Injury and others. 

I need help with rehabilitation but I don't have a neurological condition?
Treatment of non-neurological conditions, including general rehabilitation after a hospital stay, may also be offered. Contact us for an informal telephone consultation to discuss whether treatment would be helpful, and the different treatment options available
I am already receiving a NHS service but feel I would benefit from more therapy?
Synapse Physiotherapy can provide responsive and flexible rehabilitation around your NHS care.

What are the benefits of Physio'?
Physiotherapy may help with;
- Improving muscle control and strength
- Improving balance
- Reducing unwanted muscle contraction/spasms
- Where able, improve walking ability
- Improving function within the home and reducing the risk of falling
- Increasing the sense of well being and an improvement in mood

My relative lives in a care home, can you visit?
Yes. Synapse physiotherapy visits a number of care homes and nursing homes in and around the Maidstone area.
How frequent are the sessions?
This is tailored to the individual's need. Frequency of treatment may range from a course of intensive rehabilitation (a few times a week), to a monthly session to maintain physical ability. The main aim is to maximise functional ability within the limits of your condition. 

I have been told that my condition is 'chronic', will physio help?
Maintenance physiotherapy is aimed at maximising your functional ability and preventing complications or further disability, within the limitation of your condition.

Do I need a referral?
Referrals are welcomed from;
- Clients directly
- Relatives/carers
- GPs
- Consultants
- Case Managers
What areas do you cover?
Synapse is based in Maidstone, Kent. Visits are offered within the Maidstone area and surrounding villages. Visits further afield may be considered. An additional mileage charge my apply to visits further than 5 miles from the office. 

Do you have any questions? Why not contact us by telephone or e mail;